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Senate Bill 179 (SB 179), a bill that would help small-scale egg and poultry producers, is up before the full Indiana Senate for a vote on Jan. 21, 2014.

The bill would do several things: 

1. Under current law, Indiana producers can slaughter and process up to 1,000 birds a year and sell them on the farm, at a farm stand, and at farmers markets without a permit. The bill would substantially increase the number of poultry farmers can sell, boosting revenue for farmers and improving consumer access to pastured poultry.

2. Egg producers would now be able to sell at farmers markets without a permit.

3. Egg producers would be allowed to sell ungraded eggs to grocery stores and restaurants as long as the producer has a flock of less than 3,000 hens and the eggs meet U.S. Consumer Grade B standards; this change in the law could result in the savings of thousands of dollars a year for producers.


Passage of SB 179 will keep more of the food dollar in the state, increase economic opportunities for small farmers, and expand consumer access to locally produced food.
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Take Action - SB 179
Ask your senator to vote YES on Senate Bill 179.

Find out more about the bill here:

Contact your senator immediately to express your support of SB 179. Please personalize your email! To make a much bigger impact, add your own words expressing why you care about this bill. Your emails make a big difference!

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