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URGENT: Oppose Ban on Raw Milk in Illinois
Human Services Committee Meeting 8 a.m. March 26, 2014

HB 4036 aims to ban all
raw milk sales and
istribution in Illinois.

Witness Slip

Call Rep. Burke

Online Petition

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance informed us of the following.



Submit "Witness Slip" opposing HB4036-HCA1.   


Amendment number 1 to HB 4036 would ban not only the sale but even the distribution of raw milk in Illinois!  


To stop this bill in its tracks, we need as many people as possible "slipping" in opposition to the bill and amendment as well as calling Representative Daniel J. Burke (D-1), who sponsored them.  


Protect your right to obtain raw milk in Illinois and speak up by registering your opposition to this bill and following up with phone calls and emails via the online petition.

Take Action Below!
Please share this alert with friends and family. 
Link to Witness Slip: 
Action #1
Submit "Witness Slip" in opposition to HB4036 and the amendment HB4036-HCA1 via this link:

Under Testimony, you can check "written statement filed." 
Action #2
Call Rep. Daniel J. Burke asking him to withdraw HB 4036 Amendment #1. See sample message below and follow up with emails to him and committee members.

Daniel J. Burke

[email protected]
Action #3
Use the online petition to email comments to the Human Services Committee ASAP.  
The committee meets at 8 a.m. on March 26.
Sample Message

The most important story to tell is yours, so please personalize your message.  


My name is ___ and I am an Illinois resident. I am calling/emailing to urge you to oppose HB 4036 Amendment #1.


I am a raw milk drinker (or farmer) and should have the right to obtain (or sell) this nutrient-dense food. 


The passage of this legislation would not only hurt local farmers and the local economy, but it would also hurt families that depend on raw milk as a nutritious food source.


Thank you for your consideration.

Illinois Human Services Committee
Email the Committee  


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