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New Buchi Sovereign Kombucha Flavor
to Benefit FTCLDF!

Buchi donates 5 cents to FTCLDF

for every Buchi Sovereign sold!  


Visit our Facebook Page  

for your chance to win a FREE 4-pack of

the new flavor, Buchi Sovereign Kombucha.


Giveaway ends Monday, May 5 at midnight!




What if you could support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and protect your farmers and artisan food producers just by drinking kombucha? Well, we've got some great news--we've partnered with Buchi Kombucha to give you a new, fermented way to fight for food sovereignty and raise money to protect organic farmers and raw food producers!


Buchi was started by two Nourishing Traditions moms who met through their kids' homeschool co-op and discovered that they both home brewed an almost identical tasting kombucha. When they started five years ago, they were the first kombucha brewery in the southeast and only sold at the Asheville farmer's market and co-op. Since then, they've grown to become the preeminent kombucha brewery on the East Coast, selling in over 500 retailers in 15 states. We can see why! Their kombucha is unlike any we've ever tasted.


We knew we liked Buchi when we connected with them at the International Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta last fall, but then a month later, we got a call from them that totally blew us away. Buchi wanted to make a flavor that told the story of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund on the bottle and donate money from every bottle sold to help us protect our farmers. When they told us the name, we knew we were in love: Buchi Sovereign!


Now, after months in development, we are thrilled to announce that Buchi Sovereign has hit kombucha coolers in Whole Foods and independent retailers from New York down to Florida--even all the way out to Colorado! The flavor is their raw kombucha infused with fresh pressed ginger, Georgia peaches and North Carolina sorghum molasses--all seasonally sourced from the Katuah bioregion in the spirit of food sovereignty. Every time a bottle or draft cup sells, Buchi donates 5 cents to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.


To celebrate, we're giving away FREE 4-Packs of Buchi Sovereign to two lucky fans.

For more details and your chance to win, visit us on Facebook. Giveaway ends Monday, May 5!


Check out Buchi Sovereign at, and visit to find a retailer near you who sells this remarkable kombucha from a community of people who truly shares our values and is using its platform to do some real good in the world. If Buchi isn't in your local natural food store yet, ask for it by name and help Buchi grow!


Keep an eye out for cobranded "I AM SOVEREIGN" T-shirts coming to the Buchi online store soon!

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