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Oppose Anti-Raw Milk Bill in New Mexico!


Be advised that Senator Pat Wood (R - Curry County) has introducedPitcher of raw milk legislation that would prohibit the sale of raw milk in retail establishments in the state of New Mexico.

The bill is known as Senate Bill 286 (SB 286). Find out more.

Please contact your state senator and let him or her know your opinions on this matter and ask him or her to vote against SB 286. 

You can also call the Capitol Switchboard at 505-986-4300 and ask to be connected to your legislator's office. The legislature is now in session, so contact them at their email addresses or their Santa Fe numbers as soon as possible! 


Act Now!     


1) Contact your Senator, and urge him or her to oppose the bill. 

Look up your legislator's email address and phone number at 


2) Contact Conservation Committee Members, and urge them to oppose the bill.

Find their contact information online at


3) Contact your Representative, and urge him or her to oppose the bill.

Look up contact information online at   


Protect your access to raw milk in New Mexico.

Please call or email your legislators as soon as possible.

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Please forward this alert to others who are concerned about protecting locally-sourced nutrient dense foods and preserving sustainable small family farms and artisan food producers as well as defending the rights to sell and to access the foods of one's choice from the source of one's choice.