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Call Your Texas Legislators Today to Support Raw Milk!

The bill to legalize sales of raw milk at farmers markets and through delivery has been stalled by industry and agency opposition.  Big Ag and the Health Department don't want to allow consumers to have the choice to legally buy raw milk without having to drive several hours every single week.

We need YOUR help to move the raw milk bill forward! 

Please call your State Representative and Senator today.  Introduce yourself, mention that you're a constituent, and briefly explain how important raw milk is to you and your family.

Ask that your Representative co-author HB 75 and your Senator co-author SB 237.  Also ask that they urge the Health Committees to hear these bills and move them forward as soon as possible.

You can find out who represents you by calling the Texas Capitol Switchboard at 512-463-4630 or go to


Texans can legally buy raw milk from Grade A licensed producers, but they are burdened by regulations that limit sales to on-farm and require individuals to drive out to the farm, which may be 2 or 3 or more hours away.  This regulation penalizes family farmers and burdens individuals' freedom of choice in the foods they buy.

  • Do you know that agency officials contend that it is illegal for you to pick up milk for your friends and neighbors, even as a favor to them?
  • Do you know that agency officials also contend that it is illegal for people to form buying clubs to pick up milk from a licensed dairy?
  • Do you know that Massachusetts recently tried to crack down on raw milk buying clubs under rules almost identical to the Texas rules?

HB 75/ SB 237 would remove the unnecessary and unfair marketing restrictions on raw milk.This bill provides that licensed farmers can sell raw milk directly to consumers at farmers markets and make arrangements for delivery.HB 75/ SB 237 would continue the direct farmer-to-consumer relationship while ensuring that raw milk is both safe and accessible to rural and urban customers.The bill would not allow sales of raw milk in grocery stores.  

Read the fact sheet about raw milk and the full text of the bill.  


Please mark your calendars for Friday, April 29 for the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance's second citizens lobbying day.  We'll send more details soon, but start making plans now to come to Austin to help get this bill, and other bills to help support local foods, become law.

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Posted April 1, 2011

Rep. Sue Wallis
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HB 75 [intro 11/2010]

SB 237 [intro 11/2010]

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