Annual Appeal FundRAISER 2014

It’s time to fill the coffers for the food freedom work ahead!

The 2014 Appeal and Donor Gift offer ended August 15, 2014. Thanks for your support. See you next year!


The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
- Thomas Jefferson

We are grateful for the donors that backed the FTCLDF this year. Our attorneys can do amazing things, but not without our donors!

Donors that stood behind us, kept the coffers full and stoked the fires of food freedom, they…YOU…deserve a large part of the credit for every victory this year!

When we all work together, we can do amazing things like:

Restoring Raw Milk Freedom & Farm Home Peace

Raw milk farmers are enjoying relative peace, as the shocking nightmarish raids–armed swat team invasions of home and farm as featured in the movie Farmageddon–now seem to be a thing of the past.

The “eternally vigilant” Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund met these farm-raid atrocities head on, leveling the playing field, going toe-to-toe with well-funded bureaucracies and winning on behalf of farmers and consumers everywhere.

The word is out: “Don’t mess with our raw milk farmers, and keep your hands off our yummy raw milk”!

Sweet Liberty! Protecting Private Buying Clubs

FTCLDF wouldn’t back down, give up or give in during an attack on buying clubs in an expensive, high-stakes one-week jury trial. Our freedom to enter into private buying arrangements with farmers of our choice, for foods of our choice was vindicated, along with the farmer, Vernon Hershberger.

Unbelievably, the words “liberty” and “raw milk” couldn’t be uttered during the trial!

The word is out: “Don’t mess with our right for food of choice from the source of choice!”

Protecting Backyard Gardens from Zoning Pests

As humans that eat, we have the right to grow our own food, but some zoning boards didn’t get that memo!

It’s hard to believe, but in Michigan, even backyard gardens are under attack! Yes, you too may need a backyard garden attorney! The FTCLDF is happy to help–we’re backyard gardeners, too!

The word is out: “Don’t mess with our backyard gardens! Hands off our compost-grown heritage tomatoes!”

Veteran & “Feral” Pork Farmer Walks Free

Courageous veteran and farmer Mark Baker called the FTCLDF for help to protect his right to raise “feral” Mangalitsa heritage breed pigs. Who had Mark’s back when he was facing $700,000 in fines? FTCLDF!

Mark was vindicated and left the courthouse without a huge legal bill to pay. We figure that farmers this courageous shouldn’t be left holding the bill. Our donors agreed!

The word is out: “Don’t mess with our heritage pork farmers! And, for heaven’s sake, don’t mess with freedom fighters–our veteran farmers!”

Think about it. . .
without your financial backing, the FTCLDF can’t back
farmers, buying clubs and gardeners, and the
government won’t back down!

If everyone helps….everyone wins!

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

Who are the winners in the food freedom fight? Everyone who eats–sustainable farmers, backyard gardeners, buying club members, heritage pork farmers, healthy consumers and more!

Ironically, even the fat-cat corporate leaders, overly-eager bureaucrats and short-sighted law makers will benefit. They, too, will want to eat nutrient-dense food when they wake up from their irradiated, pasteurized, GMO, chemically processed food haze!

So, we’ll preserve food rights…for all of us, even for them.

The Road Ahead

We still have a long road ahead to safeguard our most basic freedom:

our freedom to eat foods of our choice
from farmers and artisans of our choice
without government interference

Every victory plants a stake, draws a line, protects a cherished right, and safeguards a precious freedom.

Not a day goes by when we don’t appreciate and thank the thousands of donors, loyal members and grass-roots activists that stand behind each victory!

Your donation of any size will be appreciated and wisely used to make a difference!

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