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Info - Farm Raids
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"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

Learning from the Farm to Fork Fiasco

Southern Nevada Raids Quail Hollow Organic Farm Movie

Video Credit: Kiki Kalor
Mary Oakes from the Southern Nevada Health District Environmental Health Division, acting under orders from her supervisor Susan LeBay, showed up as guests were arriving for Quail Hollow Farm’s first ever “Farm to Fork Dinner” on October 21, 2011.

The inspector demanded that the Bledsoes throw out all of the food prepared for the dinner and ordered them to pour bleach on the discarded food to prevent it being fed even to their pigs. View videos of the incident at the online gallery:

As the incident at Quail Hollow and the raid on Rawesome Foods show, a raid can happen anytime, anywhere by most anyone. The best defense is a good offense, knowing what your rights are in the situation can be very helpful, and make a big difference in the outcome.

"What to Do in Case of a Raid" and the "Questionnaire for Federal Personnel" are posted under "Tools to Help" on the Fund's Learn More-Farm Raids page ( Share these materials and information with your family members, close customers, shareholders and farm workers. Put them in a place where everyone knows where to find them. Treat it like a Fire Drill. Some folks even make prior arrangements to be able to call neighbors and friends over to witness any visit by an official (some even bring their video recorders).

It's important to be a member of the Fund BEFORE an incident occurs; some matters can be resolved early and forestall government action. Whether an official has a warrant or not, you are not obligated to sign anything or assist in any search and seizure; nor are you required to answer any questions before talking to a lawyer--know the hotline number (1-800-867-5891) and call a Fund attorney.

The Fund currently offers three categories of memberships: Consumer, Farmer and Affiliate.  Learn more About Us at

Last updated 11/22/2011

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Laura Bledsoe
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