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Support VA Zoning Bill HB 1089 - Email Virginia Senators
Update 3/31/14: HB 1089 passed House & Senate; Governor signed and goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015

The Virginia Zoning Bill (HB 1089) aims to clarify the meaning of the term "agricultural products" and protect small farmers from local government overregulation.

Sign this EMAIL petition:
I urge you to vote YES on HB 1089 to help protect small farmers from burdensome regulations by clarifying the meaning of "agricultural products" to be consistent with the definition already in VA statutes 3.2-6400.

Add your own comments and follow up with phone calls to members of the Virginia Senate. You can also post comments at for HB 1089.

A definition of "agricultural products" is already codified in Virginia statutes under section 3.2-6400. Virginia law currently restricts localities from requiring a 'special use' permit for certain agricultural activities but section 15.2-2288 of the Virginia Code is not clear. Two Virginia oyster farmers, Anthony Bavuso and Greg Garrett, were pursued by York County zoning officials; though both won their cases, the county appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court, claiming that their residences served as the principal use of the land and therefore required a special use permit from the county to operate an oyster farm (i.e., engaging in aquaculture).

Passage of HB 1089 will clarify that "agricultural products" means any livestock, aquaculture, poultry, horticultural, floricultural, viticulture, silvicultural, or other farm crops. Concise definitions of terms like "agricultural products" will help farmers avoid unnecessary and costly court battles in the future.
Revised 1/30/2014 - see

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