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Restore Property Rights and Herdshares in Utah - Email House Representatives

3/24/2014 - Gov. Gary Herbert signed HB 104 into law!


Utah House Bill 104 [Cow-Share Program Amendments] would restore property rights and allow herdshares in Utah which had been outlawed in 2007.

HB 104 passed the House Committee on 3/3/15 and the full House on 3/5/15. It's time now to push the vote on the Senate floor.

Sign this EMAIL petition:
I urge you to vote YES on HB 104 [Cow-Share Amendments bill] to strike the prohibition on cow-sharing from the Utah Dairy Code. Please restore property rights and allow herdshares in Utah.

Add your own comments and follow up with phone calls to members of the Utah Senate. Your message will also go to a local newspaper unless you deselect it.
    Reportedly, the bill has been changed to allow for herdshare programs with no more than two milking cows or ten goats or ten sheep. Most any bill allowing shared ownership of dairy animals is a step forward.
  • There are less than five licensed raw milk dairies in the state of Utah so the supply of legal milk is limited.
  • While consuming raw dairy products is legal throughout the U.S., many in Utah do not have access to exercise their right except via herdshares.
  • Access to raw dairy is a matter of consumer choice, not a public health issue.

    3/12/15: An amended HB 104 passed the Senate [28-0-1] and conurred in the House [64-4-7]
    3/5/15: HB 104 passed the House [61-11]
    3/3/15: HB 104 passed the House Committee


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